Why Are Custom Conveyor Belts Becoming Popular?

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Manufacturing businesses are finding it ideal to invest in custom conveyor belts instead of them mass produced type. These apparatus play an important role in manufacturing and production. They help speed up the process of moving raw materials and products from one point to another. Conveyor belts reduce the time and efforts used in the process. The belts also minimise damage that may come about because of dropping items or using trolleys. Lately, more-and-more businesses are going for conveyor belts that have been tailor-made to suit their applications.
Some of the reasons that are influencing this trend are as follows:

Perfect Fit

The goal of conveyor belts is to speed up the manufacturing process. In so doing, the time spent moving objects from one location to another is greatly minimised. Also, the effort used by the workers is also reduced. This not only improves efficiency but productivity as well. However, more-often-than-not, a normal conveyor belt has to modified or tweaked to suit the application at hand. This is done to make it operate at its best. At times the modification is not quite right hence will affect productivity. Bespoke conveyor belt are matched to the manufacturing requirements right from the start. The end product will therefore be a perfect fit and will offer optimal performance.

More Effective

When going for conveyor belts that have been customized, manufacturers and other users aim at improving the process. And this is what they get. Unlike the normal conveyor which are mass produced and only take into account the bare minimum, these belts are designed with the manufacturer in mind. They are created in accordance to what is best for the system, the belts will be tested based on the current operating environment, and they will seek to better previous performance. In the end, the manufacturing process will improve and the system will be more efficient. This goes a long way in increasing profitability and revenue.


Normal conveyor belts come in pre-determined designs. Each will be suited for a specific application and will not be effective in other areas. Common types of conveyor belts include Cleated, Vacuum, Food Grade, Rough top and much more. A manufacturer who has varied processes is usually required to invest in different types of conveyor belts. Such inconveniences are eliminated when using tailor-made conveyor belt. The product will feature characteristics of more than one belt and will therefore be suitable for a variety of applications. This saves the manufacturer from buying different belts.

The above factors explain why manufacturers, producers and other businesses are opting for customised conveyor belts. The manufacturing apparatus comes made-to-fit hence doesn’t require any modification. Since the belts are designed according to the exact manufacturing needs, the process will be much faster and run smoother. Custom-made belts are also tested according to the need at hand. This not only improves reliability and efficiency but durability as well. Nonetheless, to get the best service, it is recommended to deal with a competent and reputable firm. The ideal dealer will have many years experience, will be familiar with the best designs, and will also have a good reputation as far as custom conveyor belts are concerned.

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