What No-one is Telling you About Pinterest

March 24, 2019 | By admin | Filed in: My blog.

Pinterest offers lots of opportunities to expand your reach and audience. Even though it isn’t the biggest of social media platforms, the network provides unique features that make it fun to use while adding value to your brand. What follows is a run some things that you probably didn’t know about Pinterest.

How you Write Descriptions is Essential

Pinterest isn’t all about posting images. Descriptions make a significant difference in the way the audience sees your posts. So, make sure that you include helpful details with keywords contained in them.  And even though you should keep everything brief, there is no problem with having a line or two longer than usual.  Also, keep your promotional information below 10% and don’t include sales call to action in your description.

You Can Buy Followers

There is no problem with investing some money to buy Pinterest followers. You only need to do it sparingly. Think of it as a strategy to help you to expose your brand without having to wait for long. Here, you must choose a service to sell you the followers wisely. You’re better off with a company with enough experience and guaranteed results. On that note, go to Social10x.com to discover one of the best places to buy Pinterest followers.

You’re Better Off Using Multiple Images

No one will tell you this mosaic posts on Pinterest tend to attract more attention. In fact, this is a strategy that most DIY content uses to find success. The same works for how to guides. When you place multiple images into one, you’re in essence providing more info to the target audience. It also allows you to ensure that your followers spend more time on your pins – and that’s not a bad thing.

The Bottom Line

You have to up your game on Pinterest if you want to get the results you’re hoping for. And, on top of the suggestions above, be sure to categorize your boards. The idea is to make sure that people can find your pins easily. The ripple effect is that you will get more followers.

Also, contribute to popular group boards to make your brand noticeable by other members of the community. Don’t forget to check your Pinterest statistics regularly. That way, you will see the pins coming from your website. Plus, doing so enables you to gauge the performance of your boards and pins.

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