Teeth Of The Band Saw For The Perfect Cuts

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Band saw is the saw which has a band attached over two or more wheels for the purpose of cutting.  This type of saw is ideally used for the industrial purposes and is used in a wide range of cutting work. Band saw is used in metalwork and woodwork both. This type of saw is considered best for the purpose of consistent cutting because the toothed band is continuous and has distributed teeth for cutting, over its surface. This type of saw is capable of making the smoother cuts in the straight direct, jigsaw and irregular patterns. This type of saw is powered by the motor or battery and has two or more rotating wheels to make the band move and cut the object efficiently. No matter how expensive is your band saw or in what type of band saw you are invested, the blade of the saw is likely to turn blunt or damaged due to the wearing. The good point about this type of saw blade is that it can be replaced very easily.

Kinds of teeth on the band saw

Teeth on the band are distributed per inch which assists in making smooth and perfect cuts. The distance of teeth per inch determines the type and perfection of cuts. There are different types of teeth on the band of the band saw. Some of the most popular options include:

  • Hook teeth: The hook teeth saw bands are identified by the teeth which have more space between them. This type of blade offers coarse cuts with high speed. Non ferrous alloys, metals, big logs of wood and other harder materials are cut with the blade with hook teeth.
  • Regular teeth: These are the most common types of teeth which are used with the band saw. This type of teeth has deeper gullet which is responsible for making the deeper cuts in one go for the smooth cuts. These types of teeth are ideal for woodwork and metal work both.
  • Variable teeth: These are the teeth which have the deep gullets and are inclined at varying angles for the perfect cuts in different directions. Blades with variable teeth are considered as the multipurpose teeth for cutting various elements.

 Important considerations about the saw blade teeth

In addition to the type of teeth of the saw blade, there is a need to consider what type of cuts you want to make and on what object. Later, check out the distance between the teeth, its sharpness and thickness for ensuring the perfect cuts.

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