Stud Locators For DIY And Professional Purposes

April 8, 2017 | By admin | Filed in: My blog.

Stud locators are small devices that are used to detect frames and objects behind the walls. They are a precious and very useful piece of tool that is commonly used nowadays. The best part is the fact there are a lot of versions on the market. Sadly, this also means that finding the one that will be useful and affordable at the same time is a difficult task. Just in case, you can check out the to get a better idea about new models.

The biggest question is which stud location do you need. There is no need for paying extra money for some features you will never use. On the other side, it would be a mistake getting a stud locator that cannot meet your expectations. Basically, there are two types of these tools. They are magnetic and electric ones.

Magnetic stud locators

These stud locators are perfect for DIY applications. They are affordable, they are tough and they don’t require any batteries. How do they work? They use magnets to detect screws and nails behind the walls. Locating the frames is actually very simple and accurate, but some mistakes are possible. The bottom line is that they are ideal for home-related purposes. Tip: Magnetic stud locators are more accurate in newer buildings and less accurate in old homes.

Electronic stud locators

These units are far more accurate and far more expensive than magnetic versions. This means that they are suitable for professionals and for advanced construction applications. Try to remember that electronic stud locators use sensors capable of detecting a variety of materials behind the walls. They can also detect AC wiring and pipes. Some units can even be used for concrete walls, which simply makes them far more useful. Alerting you will be done via sound, light or vibration. However, they are complicated and delicate tools, so even the smallest damage can cause them to fail. Another issue is a low battery. Once the battery drains out the accuracy will be compromised.

Beginners and those who will use a stud locator in a remote location, somewhere the electricity and supplies are hard to get, should use magnetic ones as well. They are much easier to use and they can withstand almost any task and even rough usages. All others should use electronic stud locators. Basically, they are better in detecting items behind the walls.

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