Making yogurt fun for children

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For adults, yogurt can be more than a better alternative to milk, thanks to its yummy taste and the variation in flavors. But this logic might not work easily with children although yogurt can be a better option than the boring milk for them as well to get the regular dose of the healthy calcium.

Kids on an average require two cups of dairy products if they are two-three years old, two-and-half if between four and eight years old and three cups above it.

But how to convince kids about the healthy and versatile yogurt which they will have surely have great fun in eating, compared to milk?

The trick lies in being creative when it comes to making the children enjoy yogurt. Plain yogurt gives one the base to build on it, just like the vanilla ice-cream, and present it to the kids in a form they can not ignore.

Here are some tips on how to make yogurt enjoyable for kids

Choosing low-fat yogurt and adding natural ingredients to it

One needs to choose the version of yogurt which either has a low or no fat. It is always advised to avoid yogurt which has added sugar content (ideally less than 15 grams per serving). There is nothing like plain yogurt but to convince the kids, one can add pieces of fresh or frozen fruit or a crunchy high-fiber cereal. Honey can be another great alternative to sugar. For more on yogurt, hop over here.

Making it smooth with smoothie

Smoothies are a sure shot way to make kids like yogurt. Kids will find this enjoyable for a number of reasons. First, they themselves can make their own smoothies with yogurt mixed with various forms of fruits and nuts. Vegetables can also be used.

Secondly, the colored varieties of smoothies also make them attractive for the children to drink daily. Thirdly, the kids will feel proud once they start making their own smoothies and this sense of ownership will only encourage them to have more yogurt. The adults just need to see that the yogurt has low fat or free of fat. Leaving the rest to the children will ensure that they get the best nutrition through the yogurt smoothie.

Replacing fast foods with yogurt in disguise

Mixing fruits with more yogurt than cream or butter will draw the kids closer to the snacks. Also one can use yogurt in cooking instead of cream so that the nutrition level remains high. The kids will hardly be able to make out the difference.

It’s just an innovative thinking which is required to make kids eat yogurt and help them have the required amount of nutrition for a healthy growth.

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