Less Common Ways to Earn Money From Blogs

November 26, 2017 | By admin | Filed in: My blog.

Are you getting tired of earning money via Google Adsense and affiliate programs? It will not hurt you to try something new, just like what others do. After all, there are other means of earning money via blogging, and you can start with these few:

Recurring Income Streams

In case you are not familiar with recurring income streams, you can think of them as those membership programs that you see. Now, you should be able to recognize them, and more bloggers are utilizing this method. Readers have to pay a regular amount per interval, often monthly, quarterly, or annually, to gain access premium content. Sometimes, people pay for some coaching, services, or tools that they need. If you have a skill that you can capitalize, you should be able to earn via this method.

Business Promotion

If you have a business, then a blog will help a lot in marketing your brand. In fact, most successful businesses nowadays leverage a blog to gain more exposure and to improve their reputation. Furthermore, you can use them along with social media campaigns to double your patrons. If you wish to learn more, drop by at Income Artist, as it is a decent blog for learning how to leverage your blog to gain profit.

Paid Services

Besides membership fees, you can sell services via blogging. As an example, you can advertise on your blog that you are a capable translator, and you will translate content for a fixed price per page. Or, you may even sell copywriting services or graphics design. Nowadays, freelance services are an ideal way of earning rather than a full-time job. After all, the flexibility of selling your services is much easier than working from nine to five. And the great thing is, you can be your boss, and your blog can serve as your medium for communications with clients.

Selling of Products

If you are capable of writing well, you can sell eBooks online. Also, if you are quite the educated person, feel free to write online textbooks. Who knows, maybe you can craft other virtual products that could net you some cash.


Besides ads and affiliate programs, you can earn money via blogging, if you are capable. You can pick between recurring income, business promotion, paid services, and selling of products. In fact, there are even more methods out there, you just have to discover them yourself.

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