Instagram Hacks you Should Know Right Now

May 16, 2018 | By admin | Filed in: My blog.

Sure,  Instagram doesn’t need any intro. But, for you to use the platform to promote your brand or business, these tricks and tricks will come in handy.

Charm Your Audience with Sound

Statistics indicate that only 20% of users on Instagram opt to watch videos with the sound on. Besides, not every device auto-plays video playbacks coming from social media feeds. Even then, you can lure your audience to turn on the sound and most importantly stick around long enough by placing the most important info in the first, tantalizing thumbnail. Also, use bold, primary colors such as red.

Take Advantage of Instagram’s Ad Formats

Instagram offers a variety of captivating ad formats that you can use to entice your audience. For instance, if you’ve been using carousel or standalone images, it would be great to switch it up with a single post video. Creative is the name of the game here so use slideshows in a way that will help deliver the results you want.

Increase Your Reach Threefold with Instagram Stories

Instagram stories have a massive 200 million users on a daily basis – far more than Snapchat videos. You can use them to send real-time stories to your followers. And if you want to make your posts even more engaging, you should add as features such as locations into your images. Because an Instagram story is short, it will create some sense of urgency and reach more people than a traditional post.

Play to Instagram’s Strengths

Instagram is insanely engaging. Even then, its strength as a content platform can very well be a disadvantage for your business.  Since it’s so engrossing, there’s very little chance that your target audience will leave Instagram to visit your businesses website. But, you can creatively use your ads to play to the platform’s strengths.

If you want to display a collection of offers in your e-commerce campaigns, for instance, you may consider using carousel ads. The carousel format allows you to showcase up many as ten images within a single ad. History has shown that this tactic has a higher conversion rate in comparison to a single image link ad.

…and when Instagram stops, know how to revive it

At times you may not log into your Instagram account due to technical issues. Don’t worry if that happens. It doesn’t take much to fix the error. Visit to read a step by step guide on how to get your account up and running again quickly. Nice and easy!

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