Handy and Cool Things to Carry Around

September 29, 2019 | By admin | Filed in: My blog.

Until quite recently, it was all the rage to soup up your bedroom or a room in your house so it had everything you would ever need in there, and be just about the coolest place you could ever want to be. You’d have a TV hooked up to surround sound and a music system, a games console, a foosball table, a drinks cooler, you name it. Everyone wanted to have the coolest room. Some people installed massage chairs and cinema projectors. Others made their rooms into little smoking dens, with incense, candles and Bob Marley killin’ it softly.

Then there was the long and drawn out car phase. People tried to turn their cars into nighclubs, cocktail lounges and sundecks. They would soup them up with huge subwoofers which would register on seismic monitors. The more a car had in it and on it, the cooler it was – a minibar, a karaoke machine, mini golf, massage chairs, you name it, people would try to drive it around.

Then technology got a whole lot smaller. You didn’t have to carry your mobile phone with two hands any more. You could fit a computer into your pocket. Suddenly, you didn’t need a room or a car anymore, now you could just be the walking epitome of coolness, all by yourself.

Smartphones are great, and one of the things many people use them for is downloading and playing back music. These days you hear a song you like, you Shazam it to find out what it is, you download it and you listen to it whenever and wherever you like. Most people will do so using headphones as street level noise can drown out the sound from the weakling speaker of a smartphone. What you should be doing is not carrying around a pair of headphones. You should be carrying around a Bluetooth speaker from Speaker Digital, which you can hook up to your phone. Next time you’re chilling in the park, rest your speaker against a tree and hit play on your phone. Nobody is going to know that you are responsible for the music as your phone and the speakers are not physically connected. Dance around as the music blares out and watch as all the cool cats come over and join in. What you have done is you have created an instant party out of your pocket.

There’s a whole bunch of other cool stuff you can carry around with you too, waiting for the right moment. Like a portable air conditioning unit. It needs ice and water to run properly, but it’s simple to use, just pull it out from under your coat, turn it on and watch everyone instantly chill. It’s great if you want to go camping in summer – you can come back from the trails and kick back in your air conditioned tent.

Or what about a handheld espresso machine? This thing just needs coffee beans and water to work. Can you imagine people’s faces on the subway in the morning as you casually sit down, pull out what looks like a flashlight and then allow it to make you a delicious hot espresso? And then sit back and enjoy the aroma before taking a sip? You’re guaranteed to have several offers of marriage every time you do it – even the coolest cities are not ready for a dude like you yet.

But you’re not even done yet. What if you’d taken a stroll down to the beach one morning and you were enjoying your portable espresso, when you suddenly pulled out another gadget, the size of a human hand and started stroking a slice of bread with it. People might think you’d lost your mind, that the craziness had finally caught up with you and you’d finally snapped. But oh how wrong they’d be. For moments later, you would be feasting on the most delicious slice of toast ever made on the sands of that beach. The fantastic gadget in your hand was actually a toaster here, heating up one side of the bread.

With your party in the park, subway train coffee and beach toast, you’ll be known as walking awesome.

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