Five Little-known Elements of Bluetooth Speakers

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A few years back, the market for Bluetooth speakers was quite limited, with only one or two models to serve the growing number of consumers. Today, there are several models of portable Bluetooth speakers, which you can buy to suit different needs. All the same, when it comes to buying the speakers, most consumers just consider factors such as portability, size, or sound quality. However, it is important to know that the market for portable speakers offers a wide range of choices and consumers should know all the aspects that could influence their purchase in one way of another.

Here are five little-known components of Bluetooth speakers that you should know because they can help you make a better purchasing decision.

Power source

When buying a portable speaker, you should check how you are going to power it. Most portable Bluetooth speakers, especially the small ones, come with internal batteries that you can recharge. Some speakers, though, come with size AA or AAA batteries, which are replaceable once they drain out. Today, most consumers prefer the rechargeable batteries.


If the speaker comes with internal batteries, it should be accompanied with a charging cable, which you may also use for a wired connection if you feel not to use Bluetooth. Remember also that a wired connection consumes less battery. In addition, you need to check whether your speaker comes with a built-in handle. Many models don’t have the integrated handle, but some new models like the Logitech Boombox do have, which is important if you are going to take the speaker with you most of the times.

External battery provision

Some portable speakers have a USB port, which enables you to use the speaker’s battery to charge your phone or just another audio device. It is an important add-on, especially when your phone runs out of power unexpectedly. Besides, if you carry with you other audio devices, you can easily use the inbuilt battery for the speaker to recharge them. Some internal batteries can retain power for up to 22 hours.


This quality enables the speakers to be splash resistant, though they may not be waterproof. As such, they can withstand more abrasion than usual. Common examples of ruggedized speakers include Jabra Solemate and Scosche BoomBottle. These models can withstand outdoor elements better than their non-ruggedized counterparts can do. In addition, you can as well find portable speakers that can easily withstand outdoor elements. These are important if your speakers are always on the go.


Most portable speakers come with an inbuilt microphone that you can use as a Bluetooth speakerphone. The feature is ideal when you spend more time on the phone. Previously, people had limited choices for getting music on the move, but with the expanding market for portable Bluetooth speakers, it is now possible to carry your music everywhere you go.

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