Finally Get A Good Night’s Sleep With A Wonderful Addition To Your Bed

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Comfort is one of the main requirements people will usually seek out when purchasing a bed. Although there are plenty of beds designed specifically to promote comfort and a good night’s sleep, the construction of the bed itself has very little to do with the level of comfort you will be receiving. The key is in the mattress, so making a good choice when purchasing one is going to result in increased comfort. A fairly popular kind of a mattress is the memory foam, which, interestingly enough, has only been presented to the market after a series of tweaks, in order to optimize it for commercial use.

We can thank NASA for this contribution

The very idea of a memory foam mattress was born during the early 1970s, when NASA was coming up with a solution, that would hopefully relieve the astronauts of the G – force they would experience during liftoff. The concept behind a memory foam mattress was very simple: It would have to be made out of a material that can easily adapt to a person’s body and support their weight fully, and have the ability to quickly rebound to its original shape when no one was lying down on it. After a series of experiments and tweaks to help adapt the product to a lot of customers, it was finally available on the markets in the 1992, where it received highly positive feedback.

This is how it works

The reason it is called memory foam is because the material has the innate ability to adapt to your body type as you sleep, and then come back to its original shape when you are off the bed, meaning that it will provide equal support to every single part of your body while you are sleeping, therefore offering you a more comfortable resting position. Synthetic polyurethane foam is carefully graded with the use of non-toxic chemicals, in order to allow it to quickly rebound and come back to its original shape after every use. If you purchase a memory foam mattress, you might be able to sense a strange kind of an odor, which might be a bother.

Here is a way to get rid of the smell

The smell is going to go away after a few weeks at most, and it is not going to trigger any allergies. To help you get over the initial smell of brand-new foam, you would be advised to tear out the entire room and use an aromatic fabric softener on your sheets. The pleasant smell of the fabric softener that will be retained on the sheets will hopefully help the smell of foam not be that easily sensed, and the smell itself is going to evaporate. Depending on the manufacturer, it might go away after a few days or one or two weeks at most. Be very careful about selecting your manufacturer in the buying process. Although a lot of the countries will have standards about how memory foam mattresses should be created, some of the manufacturers are still going to use harmful and toxic chemicals to create the foam. To avoid any risks associated with this kind of a purchase, you can easily buy here and get yourself a comfortable and safe to use mattress.

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