Easy Tips For Ingenious Company ID Cards

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Coming up with ID cards for your company’s employees that both look actual and professional, high-tech and funny, classic but innovative represents one of the hardest quests you will encounter. Sure, there are numerous companies on the market that can help your one stand out in the crowd, but unless you are really certain what to ask for, you might not end up with the results you want. This is why, in your quest, it is crucial to appeal to a professional Online ID Badge maker – get custom photo ID cards and ID badgesand release all the stress and drama. So how can you make sure you have your employees happy and proud to wear your company’s badge? Read below for some easy to follow tips:

Style is essential

There are numerous features that make the style of a company ID card differentiate from others similar. Texture, size, fonts, design and colors are all key elements that will define your future ID card style, thus they must all be treated seriously. First of all, make sure you use an adequate size which isn’t too opulent or small either. The ideal size of a badge should perfectly fit into a regular adult size palm. If you think you have too much information to add and the space is not enough, you can always opt for a dual-side ID card, meaning that you can print relevant information on both sides of your ID card.

Secondly, bright colors should always be present in the style of your ID cards. They have the power to draw attention upon your badge and make it unique. On the other hand, dark colors can create a rather dull and dusty image as well as affect the readability of your cards. Avoid pastel colored backgrounds also because they may look washed out.

Also in terms of colors, you should think about a color code specific for your company to easy allow persons from the company identify different positions and accessibility levels within the company. For instance, blue can be used for interns and low-level employees, yellow for middle level employees and red or green for high level employees, managers or officers.

Appeal to professional looking photos

Another important feature of each ID card should be a high quality, HD photo of the employee for easy identification. Make sure the photo is recent, shot in a professional matter and has a high quality. Also, that it is large enough to be visible on the ID. Also take into consideration the fabric of your card – use qualitative and durable PVC to last you up to 5 years and avoid constant changing of all IDs. 

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