How to Drink Wine Like a Pro

August 18, 2017 | By admin | Filed in: My blog.

It may come as a surprise, but most people don’t know how to “drink” wine. In fact, chances are, you could very well be part of these statistics! Not to worry though, it easy to learn wine etiquette. What follows are some tips that will change your wine drinking experience.

Choose the Correct Wine

Yes, all wine is not the same. Don’t make the amateur mistake of choosing just any other bottle of wine. The point is, you must know which wine is to accompany what food. Red wine, for instance, goes together with foods such as beef while white is ideal for fish, pork or chicken.

Okay, this rule is flexible and if you prefer doing things your way just smile when anyone suggests that you should replace the wine in your glass. However, you will look “classy” if you stick to the rules especially in social gathering such as dinner parties.

Use an Opener to Pop Open the Bottle

Even before choosing which wine to drink, you must have the tools to open the bottle. Gone are the days when you had to open a wine bottle manually. Nowadays, all you need is a wine bottle opener to avoid unnecessary messes and spills. On that note, be sure to visit to have a look at the variety of wine bottle openers available for your needs.

Sipping the Wine

You’re better off with a stemmed wine glass. This type of drinking glass offers a better grip. Be sure to hold the base firmly. Also, inhale before taking the first sip. Why? Well, wine smells good, and the fragrance will make you want to bring the glass closer to your lips for the sip. Never gulp. Drink your wine slow as you enjoy the taste. Also, drink in moderation. The last thing you want at a dinner or anniversary party is to get high.

How to Make a Toast

Toasting is part of drinking wine, so you should learn how to do it correctly. When proposing a toast, you may choose to sit or stand. You will then make a statement as to why you’re making the toast. The people in your company may or may not say what’s on their mind regarding toast. Everyone should then get on their feet and take a sip. Be careful not to break your wine glass if you have to clink glasses with other people.

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