Different Tools for Creating Beautiful Curls

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Many girls and women dream of having long, wavy hair, or even a head of tight-set curls. Fortunately, there are ways for those of us who don’t have any of these naturally, namely curling irons and, more recently, curling wands.

Iron versus wand

Whether you need to use a curling iron or a curling wand largely depends on the texture of your hair and on your skill level; you can explore this more in depth at the popular platform

Curling irons have been around for centuries (not in their current form, obviously, but the process was the same back then as it is now). This heated hair tool is made up of a flipper (or clamp) and a barrel. Simply push the flipper away from the barrel, and wrap a section of your hair around the length of the barrel. Close the flipper to hold the hair in place, and hold this position for 5 to 15 seconds to get the curl to set. Depending on the heat level of the iron and on your hair type, you will get the bouncy waves you’ve always wanted.

A curling iron gets less hot than a wand, and is also more affordable given the long time it has been around.

Curling wands are just a ceramic covered tube that is either straight or tapered. They lack the flipper that irons possess. Because wands get really hot on your hair, they require less contact to create a curl, but you or the person handling the wand will also need to wear a protection glove so as not to burn your hand.

Using a wand is a little different than using an iron, since there is no flipper. Thus, you wrap your hair with your second hand around the wand starting from the base all the way up to the tip. However, remember to keep the tip facing straight down as you curl, while holding the base up in the air. Learning to use curling wands is a bit difficult and it requires practice, but once you get used to it, they may actually be more effective on your hair than irons.


Curling irons and wands work in similar ways, but there are differences between the two not just in looks, but also in handling them. Wands can be used more easily by everyone once you get the hang of it, whereas irons are better left to professionals and to more experienced individuals. That’s because irons are more likely to cause crimps or breaks, whereas wands leave your curls intact and flowing. This being said, which hair tool you choose is ultimately your decision, and you should also keep in mind the length and texture of your hair.

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