Choose the best rice cooker after learning about different types of cookers

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Rice cookers have become a highly versatile and useful kitchen appliance in many homes. Since many manufacturers have come up with different types of cookers and selecting the best one has become a complicated task. Since Mitsubishi Corporation in Japan introduced the first commercial rice cooker, the popularity of this appliance has increased manifold and it went on to become one of the most favorite household pieces. Rice cookers are available in different sizes and better idea about how many cups of rice they are going to cook on a daily basis always helps people arrive at the best decision. 3-cup cookers are the smallest size available in the market and people can also find 4-cup, 5-cup, 8-cup or 10-cup cookers in the market. Each cup of raw rice is going to yield two bowls of cooked rice and one should select the best rice cooker that goes well with his/her own exclusive size requirements.

Different types of cookers

Basically, rice cookers can be classified into three categories and they include traditional, jar-o-mat and micro-computerized cookers.

Traditional and jar-o-mat cookers

Traditional and jar-o-mat cookers can be described as appliances with one-touch-buttons and, only plain or white rice can be cooked using them. Great amount of user-friendliness can be associated with these cookers and the process of cooking can be completed in a fast manner. Normally, these types of appliances take 25 minutes and once the cooking is finished, they automatically adjust to ‘keep warm’. A single heating element can be associated with traditional cookers and they heat the rice from the bottom up. This leads to the formation of a crust on the cooked rice and many people do not find this crust tasteful. At the same time; the heating elements of the jar-o-mat cookers is placed on the bottom and on the sides of the rice cooker body and in some models; the heating element can be found on the lid as well. These heating elements make the process of cooking even and people do not have to worry about the crust as well. These types of cookers have a hinged lid attached to the body and they also have a rubber gasket. Closed lid position seals the heat in the best manner when cooking and keeps warm better as well. The glass lid sitting on top of the inner pot of the traditional rice cookers allows the heat to escape in a faster manner compared to jar-o-mat appliances.

Micro-computerized rice cookers

Micro-computerized rice cookers make use of a high tech mechanism known as ‘fuzzy logic’ and they warm the rice before cooking. These appliances cook the rice at varying temperatures during the heating cycle and finally, they warm the rice before it is ready. This method can be described as a lengthy one (around 50 minutes) but it cooks highly tasteful and fluffy rice. This model is a multifunction rice cooker because people can over-ride the fuzzy logic function when they want to cook faster and in such a situation, it works like jar-o-mat appliances.


Among these three models, micro-computer models offer maximum benefits and they also offer different types of features like porridge function, steaming function, slow cook function and many more. The temperature can be adjusted to cook different types of rice and the timer allows people to preset the cooking time as well. People always want the best rice cooker that goes in complete harmony with their unique requirements and the recent trends clearly suggest that more and more people have started purchasing micro computerized cookers.

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