Can Sleeping Mask Reduce Your Problem Of Insomnia?

October 27, 2016 | By admin | Filed in: My blog.

If you are overwrought with the thought that lack of sleep will soon be visible on your face and under the eye, then you are not alone. According to various researches, around 40% of people across the world are sleep- poor. Blame it on the super fast life that we all have adopted or our work schedule, the truth is that very few of us can steal those magical 8 hours of sleep. There are some tried and trusted ways such as no consumption of caffeine before going to bed, light meal and so on that help you in getting good sleep.

It helps you cut the light

If you want to get good sleep and do not find any of the above mentioned remedies quite effective then try sleeping masks. There are reasons that will make you believe that wearing eye mask before bed can help you.  Researchers explain that a sleep mask will reduce the amount of light entering your eye and also block the visual distractions. Light during the night does not help our body to produce sleep hormone, melatonin and therefore you cannot sleep. Blue light emitted by the devices such as laptop, mobile phones and Televisions affect our sleep habit a lot. There should be complete dark when you sleep. However, some of us cannot sleep in total darkness and need some amount of light in our rooms for our psychological satisfaction. Therefore, if you want to leave that little light switched on in your room and still want to sleep properly, then sleeping mask is your best option. You can check out Relaxation Masks to know about the best quality masks.

How To Select The Mask?

After understanding the potential benefits that you can get by using sleeping mask, you should also know how to select the mask. Although, price is not the guarantee of mask being perfect, it will certainly help you to narrow down the choices. While selecting the mask, make sure that you have checked the strap. Strap of the mask should be wide and soft because it will be around your head and therefore it should not cut into the skin.

Next consideration while choosing the mask should be the fabric and the thickness of the mask. Eye is one of the most sensitive parts of the body and therefore it should be protected well. There are various types of fabrics from which the mask is made and the thickness also varies. So, choose a fabric mask that suits you and will help you in getting comfortable sleep again.

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