Butterfly Corkscrews- Makes Your Wine Opening Process Easier

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Nowadays, corkscrews have become a very popular option, to open your wine bottle. Two knobs are attached to some of these corkscrews in order to create a wing-like shape, and they may help you to take the cork out of your bottle.

The outstanding quality of this tool will surely be preferred by most of the wine enthusiasts. Generally, there is a coating of nickel in order that the product may get easily rusted.  The opener not only looks stylish but seems to be quite sanitized. So, you may now make use of double-lever opener for unlocking the wine container in a fashionable way.

The design of a butterfly corkscrew

The butterfly or winged corkscrew is quite bigger than any standard corkscrew. However, many wine drinkers believe that this corkscrew functions in a way, which is superior to the other similar products. The winged corkscrew helps them in applying the force of two hands, placing the wine container on a desk. Only one disadvantage of this winged corkscrew is that the handles occupy much of the space in your drawer.

At Pop a Cork, we now want to give a guide to help you in opening any kind of wine bottle with the winged style corkscrew.

Take out the foil

A small plastic or metallic piece, known as foil, wraps the wine bottle’s neck. By means of a knife, you have to slash a loop below the collar’s edge. By applying the edge of your knife, you need to unpeel the bottle’s foil.

Insert your corkscrew

Lift up the levers of corkscrew in order that its part has completely projects out of the base. Hold your wine bottle and put in the opener into a cork’s top. When this is pushed in firmly, lift it vertically. Keep up the grip on your bottle; then bend the opener.

Now, at the last stage, when you want to take away the bottle’s cork, you should stretch out the wings. With the use of two hands, clutch those wings to drag them.

Thus, opening your champagne bottle with the help of winged corkscrew is not much difficult. When you are experiencing carpel tunnel disease or other similar issues that do not allow you to make a strong grip, the butterfly corkscrew can be the best alternative for you. Or else, you may look for some other styles, according to your taste.

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